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Versatility in the standards

Being able to use different production processes for the joining technology is not a luxury. Rather, they help to take a wide range of material-specific characteristics into consideration and turn them into an advantage. 

Our standard process-related topics:

  • In-house pipe production for special materials and dimensions:
    To avoid long delivery times and large minimum order volumes often encountered with pipe manufacturers, our in-house pipe production facility manufactures pipes with special materials and dimensions
  • Pipe forming/ pipe end machining:
    For example, upsizing, downsizing, beading, calibrating, or punching
  • Pipe bending up to a diameter of 150 mm:
    The process for NC compression bending we use in house allows for bending ratios of 0.9 (radius/diameter), even for ferritic materials.
  • CNC folding bench:
    Manufacturing of sheet metal parts, such as brackets, mixers, inlet and outlet cones, and mufflers, or even mounts for welding jigs without the use of complex forming tools
  • 2D laser cutting:
    Manufacturing of circuit boards (for further processing on the CNC folding bench), as well as the cutting of welded assemblies
  • Filler metals:
    Soldering, brazing, MIG soldering, shielding gas furnace brazing; expertise in all soldering processes for the most diverse range of materials available in house
  • WIG/MIG/MAG manual and NC welding:
    Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel base alloys such as Inconel
  • In-house jig construction:
    Manufacturing of size-specific jigs and test gauges for our highly complex welded constructions with high accuracy requirements
  • Diverse surface treatments:
    Draw polishing, glass bead blasting, tumbling, etc.

Further information:

Simulation & test benches