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Force-TIG NC weldig robots

Welding robots are the present state of technology, although this does not yet apply to WIG welding. They eliminate dependency on the welder’s personal condition on any given day while the precision process leads to a much higher working speed. At Eberspächer Prototechnik, we are already one step ahead in this area. We primarily use WIG welding robots for welds with small welding reinforcement – such as those found in manifold production – with the aim being to avoid turbulence in the flow, because this would cause an increase in the exhaust gas back-pressure.

Used in the production of catalytic converter casings, the WIG welding technique results in a surface that is completely devoid of weld splatter. This is particularly important because weld spatter that breaks free from the inside wall of the catalytic converter due to the high temperatures and flow pulsations of the exhaust gas can destroy the honeycomb monolithic core.