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Who hasn’t seen images of the pit stop – when the wheels are changed in fractions of a second and the fuel is pumped at high pressure into the tanks of the racing cars; when the engines howl at the start and the racing cars tear around the first hairpin turn in the blink of an eye with a deafening roar of engines. Precision, teamwork and extensive training are needed for this. It's no different for a motorsport supplier, and there are often only a few working days between a collision and the next race. We manufacture highly complex individual components of exhaust systems, oil lines, chassis components and cooling lines, some of which are subjected to extreme loads. At worst, production errors can result in the failure of the vehicle, or the team being penalized with the loss of possibly critical ranking points. This is where reliability, speed, quality and compliance with regulations are demanded – something that’s second nature to Eberspächer Prototechnik. So it’s no wonder that successful teams from Formula 3, DTM, WTCC or the GT racing series are happy to refer to the many years of collaboration with us and rely on our experience.

Ultra-strong special steels and also Inconel, titanium, chrome-vanadium steel and special aluminum alloys are used in motor racing long before they are found in production vehicles. The fact that racing teams therefore function as the spearhead for series production at many premium brands is intended and desired – just as it is at Eberspächer Prototechnik. The valuable experiences gained in lightweight construction and in the manufacture of individual and small-series parts for motorsport are transferred to future series production.