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  • Eberspächer Prototechnik – center of competence for high-performance applications and lightweight engineering

    Pioneering solutions for weight and CO2 reductions and for enhanced driving dynamics

  • Innovative solutions for series production

    Special materials such as titanium for motor racing applications

  • Special series – these are the challenges we love

    Complex shapes, different material properties, special joining techniques

  • Motor racing

    Challenges posed by materials, delivery deadlines and extreme conditions

  • New approaches in process engineering

    nnovations are the driving forces of tomorrow’s progress

  • Funktionsweise Airtronic

    Integrated development of exhaust systems

    Geometry design and acoustics, CFD, thermal and FEM calculations

Tradition & innovation

The term "manufactory" probably best describes the core of Eberspächer Prototechnik as a company. It stands for a high standard of craftsmanship combined with industrial production methods, for skilled craftsmen, experts and engineers, and for decades of motorsport and high-performance tradition. Teamwork is emphasized.

The traditional machining of all metallic materials by hand is supplemented with modern production methods – right through to MIG/MAG and WIG welding robots. This allows all the benefits of prototype and special series production to be transferred to large-scale production. The goal is to adapt production times and qualities to customer requirements to the best degree possible. Motorsport naturally demands very short implementation times. Such as when there’s only one working week between two race weekends – that's when development and delivery have to be done as quickly as possible.

Since 2010, Eberspächer Prototechnik has been integrated into the Eberspächer Group as a technology center for lightweight construction. Motorsport places extreme demands on durability, performance and weight. Eberspächer Prototechnik has the knowledge and experience from around thirty years of motorsport and high-performance solutions to deliver important stimuli for the large-scale production activities of the Group. The company's competence – from building prototypes to producing special series – is based on this background in technology.

Although part of the Eberspächer Group, Eberspächer Prototechnik is an independent player on the market. We do, however, benefit from the extensive infrastructure of our parent company, which offers a company of our size unique possibilities.